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Illustration: Di Renjie
Illustration: Robert van Gulik and Bubu
Illustration: Judge Dee


Chronology of Judge Dee Novels by Robert van Gulik

You can read the Judge Dee Novels by Robert van Gulik in the chronological order of the stories. A chronology is provided in the book "Judge Dee at Work",. Yet, two books are missing. This chronology, set up by External Link (will be shown in a new window of your browser): Klaus-Peter Kossakowski, will possibly help to close this leak.

The short stories from the book "Judge Dee at Work" are marked with one asteric, the two stories marked with two asterics have been published together in the book "The Monkey and the Tiger"


No. Novel or Story Title Year Place Chronological Remarks
 1 The Chinese Gold Murders 663 Peng-lai The first novel
 2 Five Auspicious Clouds* 663 Peng-lai One week after 1
 3 The Red Tape Murder* 663 Peng-lai One month after 1
 4 He Came With the Rain* 663 Peng-lai Six month after 1
 5 The Lacquer Screen 664 Peng-lai One year after 1
 6 The Chinese Lake Murders 666 Han-yuan Judge Dee six month there
 7 The Morning of the Monkey** 666 Han-yuan Ten month after 6
 8 The Haunted Monastery 667 Han-yuan Judge Dee one year at Han-Yuan
 9 The Murder on the Lotus Pond* 667 Han-yuan  
10 The Chinese Bell Murders 668 Poo-yang  
11 Necklace and Calabash 668 Poo-yang *1
12 The Two Beggars* 669 Poo-yang 15th day of 1st month
13 The Wrong Sword* 669 Poo-yang  
14 The Red Pavilion 669 Poo-yang During the
15 The Emperors' Pearl 669 Poo-yang 5th day of 5th month
16 Poets and Murder 669 Poo-yang Mid-harvest festival *2
17 The Chinese Maze Murders 670 Lan-fang Beginning of the year
18 The Phantom of the Temple 670 Lan-fang Middle of the year
19 The Coffins of the Emperor* 672 Lan-fang  
20 Murder on New Year's Eve* 674 Lan-fang New year's evening
21 The Chinese Nail Murders 676 Pei-chow Judge Dee four weeks there
22 The Night of the Tiger** 676 Pei-chow  
23 The Willow Pattern 676 Capital  
24 Murder in Canton 680 Canton  


1.) In "Necklace and Calabash" the Third Princess already knows about the secret of the Buddhist temple from the "Bell Murders". Moreover, the "Lake Murders" are said to have been happend two years before.

2.) In this story, Judge Dee refers to things which happend in the novel "The Red Pavilion". As Mid-Harvest Festival is the 15th day of the 8th month, it has to happen after the "The Emperor's Pearl" (5th day of 5th month).


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